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shenzhen ur-expo

Unattended retail store/convenience store, unattended entertainment and leisure service (mini ktv, cinema, fitness room, massage chair, billiard-room), unattended restaurant, unattended gas station, self-service laundry and related unattended handy service for the public;

Intelligent vending machine (beverage machine, integration machine, convenience cabinet, coffee machine, meal sale machine and self-service distribution machine);

Open storage rack and office retail service, etc.

shenzhen international smart retail digital expo

Visual image recognition technology, biological recognition technology, target tracking technology and related ai technology, electronic tag, rfid technology, self-service detection and tracking system, and commodity information collection technology, etc.

Digital store, intelligent storage rack, intelligent cabinet, intelligent shopping cart, intelligent packaging, service robot, rapid bagging facilities of commodity, and container, etc.;

Intelligent cashier, automatic settlement solution; printing technology and consumables;

Big data analysis, image depiction of consumers, iot, block chain, voice assistant, client perception technology, commodity perception and passenger flow analysis, etc.


shenzhen international private brand expo

Comprehensive food: snack food, puffed food, preserved fruit, south and north dried food, wines and drinks, nutrition and health care product.

General merchandise: domestic cleaning and aroma article, washing article, home texture, bed product, household electrical appliance, 3c digital, children-baby-maternity article, sports & entertainment article, and intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Personal care: otc drug and health product, health care first aid, adult/female and infant article, washing article, hair washing article, skincare product, beauty makeup and tool, etc. 



Mega expo

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