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Transportation Guide

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Metro lines 1 and 4 are connected at the Convention and Exhibition Center, more than ten bus lines reaching the Convention and Exhibition Center.
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)  Located in the west of the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, closely connected with Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport by subway. 

Visa Service

Shanghai Mega Hemao Exhibition Co., Ltd

Translation Service

Shanghai Transclub Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

Hotel Reservation

Shanghai Mengxuan Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 4001148966

Mega expo

NOVA Group Holdings Limited(HK.1360),The first joint venture subsidiary of MIGA Exhibition Co., Ltd., an investment and acquisition platform of its exhibition industry in mainland China

Tel: 00-86-021-67865336
Media: 00-86-021-67865326
Room 909, building L1A, No. 1588, Zhuguang Road,Shanghai
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